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We are a non-profit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to helping educate consumers on safe, reliable, and environmentally sound products and services that are helping to boost our economy. We are pleased to announce our Financial Programs and Workshops for consumers and credit union members.

These workshops are typically offered at no charge to credit union members through your local credit union as a value-added membership benefit. Workshops are offered at various times and location during the year.

To register for a specific workshop, or to express an interest in attending a certain workshop in your area, please contact the credit union that provided this information, or you may call the American Consumer Council toll free at 1-800-544-0414.

Attendance is limited so act now!

Discovering the Gold in Green Small Business
Small business owners want to do their part for Sustainability and Environmental Compliance in order to compete in their respective marketplaces. This workshop is designed for small business owners to help them find ways to implement environmental compliance standards and practice Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This valuable workshop will introduce you to environmental excellence strategies and marketing strategies to help you convert your Green practices into Gold!
Going Green: A Consumers Guide to Green Living
This program has become one of ACCís most popular workshops among consumers who want to do more to preserve and protect our natural resources and environment. This workshop will introduce you to 50 ways you can reduce your carbon footprint, use fewer natural resources and still enjoy a wonderful life! Attendees will also receive a complimentary copy of the book, The Complete Idiotís Guide to Green Living by Trish Riley.
Education Funding: Giving Your Kids the Future Edge
Time really does march on, and if you have plans to provide for your childrenís future - education planning is most likely a part of that planning. This workshop will help you understand how to get started in establishing a safe, reliable savings program that will grow over the years and help you manage your childrenís education fund. There are more options for funding your childrenís education than ever before. Determining which ones are best for you requires some degree of education on your part. This program will show you!
Estate Planning: Leaving It All to Someone You Love!
According to Probate Court records, too many people depart this world without having in place a sound Estate Plan. The sad news is that without proper estate planning, your entire estate and your assets might get awarded to the IRS and not your heirs. With some careful planning today you might be able to significantly change what you pass on to your children or a worthy charitable cause. This workshop is designed to help you understand all key aspects of Estate Planning and how you start the process.
Insurance & Protection for Challenging Times
Managing risks faced in your daily life can be critical to your financial success. Planning for the unexpected contingencies in life can provide needed funds in times of adversity. Whether you need help with protection for your business, your home, your life, your health or other assets get the help that you need from our team of professionals. This workshop will help you sort through the various types of insurance and how to assess you particular needs based on your income, age, and personal requirements.
Personal Finance
If you expect to live a long-prosperous life, the it makes sense to prepare for the kind of future that you would like. This workshop is designed for those persons who donít already have a detailed, written financial plan in place. During this program, weíll help you develop an effective financial plan that meets your needs. So whether you are young or older, single or married, starting a family or just raising one, just starting life or well-established, buying a business or selling one, planning for retirement, or just a nice vacation, it's never too late to prepare for your future.
Whether you will enjoy your retirement or not might depend on the decisions that you make today. With adequate planning you might find that it is possible to maintain the lifestyle that you desire throughout retirement. One thing is certain, you are closer today than you were yesterday -- at least on the timeline. But are you any closer financially? This workshop is an excellent way to understand how to plan for your retirement and what the financial requirements will be to help you maintain your current lifestyle. Each person has different financial needs and requirements. This workshop will offer you specific advice and direction to help you advance your retirement planning.
Tax Planning & Savings
Just mentioning the word "taxes" will get most people's attention. Even country music star Willie Nelson is featured on TV ads for a tax preparation firm to emphasize the negative lessons of poor tax planning. This special tax planning workshop is designed to help you avoid being over-taxed and show you how to start saving you money. The average American spends little time in tax planning and, as a result, we pay more than is necessary in state and federal taxes. After all is said and done, one of the quickest ways to make money is to save more of what you presently earn. Don't you owe it to yourself to ensure that you are not giving more money to Uncle Sam than you have too? This workshop will introduce several important tax savings concepts to help you leverage your income and reduce your tax obligations.
Wealth Accumulation: A Long-Term Strategy
Risk, reward, and liquidity - they all play an important role in your investment decisions. Each investment vehicle that you choose has a different set of benefits. Finding the right investment is often not an easy task. This workshop will help you decipher the various investment strategies offered through your credit union and understand how to create a Wealth Accumulation strategy that fits your income and long-term needs.



2012 Financial Literacy Program for Americaís Teens

We invite your support and participation of our 2012 Financial Literacy program for Americaís teens


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